THE LEADERSHIP PLAYBOOK: Become Your Team's Most Valuable Leader


Discover the strategies and principles to develop better leadership and maximize your potential for success

Leadership is a skill that should be taught just like ball-handling or shooting. Sometimes, the solution to your lack of execution is not to practice the play more but to build trust among players and coaches while developing the character of your players to handle adversity, stay poised and add value to their teammates.

  • Do you want to minimize locker room drama?
  • Do you want to maximize each player's potential?
  • Do you want to develop your players as people?
  • Do you wish your captains were better leaders?
  • Do you wish your upperclassmen were better leaders?
  • Do you find that players struggle to accept their roles?

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The Leadership Playbook: Become Your Team's Most Valuable Leader is a simple, easy-to-read book that provides principles and strategies that can help anyone become a better leader regardless of their role.  The 174-page book is designed specifically with the student-athlete and coach in mind.  The leadership principles inside this book can transform individuals and develop effective team leaders.  The practical insights and clear illustrations will help the reader understand how they can change the world around them as a leader and increase their positive influence on others.

Dan Tudor

As someone who works with college athletic departments and coaches around the country, I know the type of authors and speakers they trust and look to for leadership skills, and Jamy Bechler is in that category. His coaching background is the perfect foundation for the advice he is giving to athletes, their parents, and the coaches who coach them. Coach Bechler is a go-to resource for leadership.  I definitely recommend his book to coaches.

Dan Tudor
Tudor Collegiate Strategies
Shawn Silman

Coach Bechler embodies the qualities of an exceptional leader.  He has a passion to share his message with those who want to grow as leaders.  This book provides a clear road map for anyone who has the desire to broaden the impact they have on their team or organization. I have no doubt that this book can help all students gain a better understanding of what being a true leader is all about.

Shawn Silman
Dean of Liberal Arts


Jamy Bechler is considered one of the top experts in developing team leadership and creating championship cultures. He has developed his proven leadership principles and strategies through his years as an award-winning college basketball coach, championship high school athletic director and professional speaker and executive business coach. Jamy travels across the country speaking at large conferences and working with teams of all sizes and affiliations, including the NBA, Big Ten teams and Fortune 500 companies.  Many of these same strategies were implemented when his 2014 college basketball team earned the national "Champions of Character" award.    Connect with Jamy on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedinInstagram and his website.

Daniel Hare

Jamy Bechler is passionate about drawing out the leader in each person he coaches. He knows the right questions to ask and buttons to push to get at the heart of the matter, and will no doubt take you and your organization to the next level.

Daniel Hare
All-Star Leader Podcast
Lorin Granger

Jamy is an experienced leader with a passion for helping develop leadership skills in young athletes! Peer leadership just might be the biggest difference maker in high school sports!  Jamy's book can help team's utilize peer leadership better.

Lorin Granger
Michigan H.S. Football Coaches Association

Games are not always determined by X's and O's.  Your headaches as a coach are probably not always caused by a lack of talent.  In fact, the majority of your time and energy is probably related to non-basketball issues.  The better your team leadership and the stronger character that each of your players has will most likely allow your team to more easily reach its' potential. The principles and strategies in this book and the accompanying online materials is a must for your program.  You can't afford not to develop your team's leadership!

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